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thank you r joining us. if you cannot catch us live. tv are the show.we will see you. afflicted with serious problems and had not been properly tested. that did not stop him from admitting recently he do nothing about all those problems. >> i was not informed directly the web site would not be working away it was supposed to but i was informed there would not say it is great. gerri: jay carney confirmed today to end at henry the president was briefe march this year it contradicts the president and mr. obama statement last week is only the latest example of the administration's seeming propensity to mislead and consistently deceive the public. in fact, he met with insurance industry executives and hhs secretary sebelius april 12th this year just days after burroughs became aware of the mackenzie findings. incident, and there are many more. president obama told americans that they could keep their doctors and insurance if they like them. at least 37 times during the presidential campaign. we now know those statements are untrue and raise questions as to whether obamacare could hav
house has been telling us for months that millions of americans have been visiting health, but the house oversight committee released internal notes from meetings that show only six people in total successfully enrolled on the first day enrolled. obamacare is a train wreck that has become a laughingstock as a result. as of today, the hite house pushed back expectations, taping them down and jay carney said that we don't expect those numbers to be very high and we never did. henry is at the white house with our report. reporter: embarrassed over the rollout of president obama signatureomestic achievement that only six people signed up on day one and was criticized by congressman darrell issa. >> there are no doubt there from a contractor about figures. if the website wasn working on october 1, that is a dog bites man story i said demanded to know why a parade of tp officials including kathleen sebelius did not give the information. >> if you have internal numbers and you're not willing to hear extra numbers, you are doing the kind of propaganda that this administration
that the administration is now hoping that 80% of users will be able to use the website to enroll in obamacare by the end of the month. and this includes a way for consumers to bypass the half billion dollar website and the website will be greatly improved with almost no errors and that includes the fumbled rollout not sitting well with some of the president's most ardent supporters come including nancy pelosi who famously said that we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it. she white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> whoever is in charge of this is in charge of the long-term health care. and jay carney would not deny a possible shakeup. the administration is lowering the bar by defining success to enroll in health care plan, which seems to bug even top democrats. >> it is not acceptable, but they are saying that and this includes the fixes to the website that they had anticipated, they have anticipated at least 80% by december 1 as we go forward in a has to be improved upon them. reporter: nancy pelosi went on to say that overall she still believes the law will work, only reaching
have the latest for us. >> john kerry made a last-minute arrival in geneva and gave us the impression that a deal with iran was imminent. but john kerry was also joined by his fellow european ministers put brakes on the buzz. >> we hope to try to know and narrow those differences. but i don't think that anyone should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be close. in the meantime, benjamin netanyahu wasn't hiding his disdain for the as yet to be concluded deal of. >> this is a bad deal. a very, very bad deal. it is a very dangerous and bad deal the details which remain secret boil down to how much iran will make its program were transparent and how much the world powers and windows must loosen the sanctions. iran's foreign minister has been saying he has his own tea party to go at home in the obama administration faces sanctions either to add rrther than subtract sanctions on iran. meanwhile, in iran, president ronnie was elected to improve relations with the world and they are very few people authorized to discuss the sensitive nuclear issue. but one academic at thi
joining us have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorr tomorrow. lou: on the day that america celebrating our veterans, and honors their sacrifice for our freedoms, the united states marine corps among first on the ground in the philippines searching efficient survivors, bringing aid in hundreds of thousands displaced in aftermath of one of the largest storms the world has seen, i am lou dobbs. lou: good evening, the united states military has dispatched aid and troops to some areas that were hardest hit by typhoon haiyan. a storm check pert call, one of the most powerful in history, c-130 transplanes loaded with water, generators, foods and u.s. marines arrived in the city of ta taclabox n where they have reports of as many as 10,000. >> every building in the city was either destroyed or serially damaged. the devastation jaw drops, pentagon on stand by for any additional requests from the filipino government, and announcing moments ago that carrier, uss george washington has been dispatched to the region, the hilippines, one of america's longest asian allies und
that is that for tonight's "willis report." thanyou for joining us and don't forget to dvr the show if you cannot catch us live. we will see you back here tomorrow. [applause] ♪ lou: president obama's public approval rating has sunk to the lowest level of his presidency just one year after being reelected. his public disapproval rating has risen to the highest level of his presidency and unfortunately for the president, there is no evidence of a political or policy success either at home or abroad. the mako. ♪ lou: good evening, everyone, the obamacare train wreck in the president's efforts to mislead congress and the american people continue to take a toll on the president's popularity. a new cbs news poll measuring the president's job job approval at a record low 37%. that is a 9% decline in just the last month. the president now has a record high, 67% approval -- disapproval, rather, which has risen 8% in one month. those horrific numbers have been attributed largely but not exclusively to the failed obamacare rollout. the same poll found only 31% approval for the president's
think you for joining us, and we hope you have a safe and happy rest of your holiday. and for those braving the crowds tonight or tomorrow, good luck. ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: president obama is enrollment numbers, it is all bad news for the obama administration. i am lou dobbs. hello, everyone. severely undercutting president obama's credibility an approval rating. a new fox poll shows half of voters believe president obama knowingly lied when he repeatedly told americans that they could keep their plan under his signature health care law. as for the number of americans who have signed on for health care insurance, the initial numbers are woefully short and far below their lowered expectations. 106,000 have enrolled in health care plans in the state and federal exchanges through the first month of obamacare. one fifth of what the officials had projected before the launch of health care dog of and the opening of exchanges accounted for only 27,000 of successful in moments, 80,000 of them originated in state-run insurance exchanges and secretary kathleen sibelius revealed below numbers and t
willis report." thank you for joining us. have a good night and a great weekend. thank you. ♪ lou: there is a rebellion under way in the democratic party and the president's slide to the public that they could keep their health insurance if they elected is to blame. democrats defying president obama today. they voted with republicans to assure americans can restore their previously canceled plans. i am lou dobbs. ♪ good evening, everybody. president obama vows to veto the bill and democrats eager to put distance between themselves and that failed rollout of obamacare paid little attention. the 39 house democrats lined up with the republican colleagues to pass the keep your plan bill. legislation put forward by house energy and commerce committee chairman congressman fred upton that would allow insurance companies to restore the policies to millions of americans who have been canceled because of obamacare regulations democrats voted with republicans despite the president's veto threats just one day after the president's so-called fix was panned by numerous congressional democrats
, let's find out our guests tonight have to say. joining us is andrea and greg. cohost of the five and thank y both for being here. i would like to turn to you, andrea. she has become a metaphor for what is going on with health care dog of an obamacare itself. it's striking that this thing just doesn't work and we still are having conflicting claims is whether or not it can be fixed as the administration proises. >> that's right, she is and who she said she was. and now she's getting bullied, much like people are getting bullied to sign up for the plans so they cannot log on nd get these numbers today. but the numbers are -- it's so fraudulent of their time to do. they are changing the jobs number equation for the presidential election and now they are changing the definition of how people have signed up for this. so they are counted as being part of obamacare. but you know and i know and greg knows that you can't really count someone until they actually pay forhe plan. so this is fuzzy math to say the least. lou: absolutely. what he is doing is appalling. they only have 27,000 sig
anytime soon. lou: the congressman says -- would sell many of this state which to use the most surprising >> well, i think that the revelation that in fact white house officials and secretary sibelius' were informed and were in meetings in april of this year where they were notified that this whole website debacle was going to happen. it was going to crash. all of these problems with it. in fact, there were tested by around that same time in our committee at everything was fine. we saw that the white house knew and secretary sibila is new that this was a ruling on all at the same time that there telling us and the president is telling the american people that it will be like buying a television on amazon. clearly there was a credible misrepresentation and misleading. lou: said to you into the committee, he was aware of the mackenzie report. yet he had never seen the report. >> you know, the "washington post" today this morning and said he still had not seen it. so, you know, you just wonder what these people doing. they spend hundreds ofillions, over 500 million in taxpayer money to devel
more." thank you for joining us tonight. that is it for tonight on "lou dobbs tonight." have a good evening. ♪ lou: senate majority leader harry reid went nuclear today. the democrats throughout a key role that has been in place in the senate for more than two centuries. senator reid said the reason for voting at the filibuster on presidential nominations with the exception of supreme court justices is to remedy obstructionism. but with this president and administration, now in a web of historically is and mr. obama in a ratings free fall, today's filibuster busting vote may be as much about changing the subject and diverting media attention. i am lou dobbs. ♪ good evening, everybody. senate majority leader harry reid going nuclear today. the upper chamber voting to eliminate the 60 vote threshold for presidential nominees and for ed day, at least, president obama had a bright, shiny distraction to keep the national media from the train wreck that is obamacare and the pile of white house lies that seems to grow with each passing day. the biggest of those lies quite possibly the
will know about it premiums go through the roofntil after the election. this is to use any necessary tools to keep the program afloat jay carney scoffed at that charge. >> we are doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have as clear and information as they need before next year. and so the administration also reveed annther smaller delay andfor those who are covered on january 1, it has been pushed from december 152 december 23. meanwhile, new questions abo whether the president can keep anothee promise that he made to sell the lot. >> if you like your plan, and you like your doctor, you won't have to do a thing. you can keep your plan and you can keep your doctor. >> doctors cease being cut before the affordable care act and acceleration of that now is sparking fears in the white house as a promise that is not so ironclad. >> that was true bere the aca and after the aca because they build upon thisprivate insurance system. under the health care law that continues. >> that raises questions as to why he made this promise. >> as the owner of private practice, i am a small business
obame would be fixed by the end of november. >> you have to tell us when it will be in good shape. is the end of the montrealistic? >> the team is working really hard to hit that goal. >> the fact on november b 13 yer not where we will be and' to be by november 30. it remains the case that we believe the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority users by the en of the month. >> reporter: 31% of those surveyed expressed confidence that the web site will be fixed. >> centers for medicare and medicaid service, and its contractor failed to fully deliver what they were supposed to deliver, congressional oversight is warned. >> one asked in health care do the gov is as secure? >> fully tests like the other rit projects you have overseen. >> i'm trying to continued what you moon by fully tested. >> fully tested? holy cow, this is like a new low. >> would you put your personal information about you and your loved ones in it. >> i recommended my sister who is unemployed right now to -- >> did she successfully register. >> i have not talked with her lately. >> also house homeland
and running, that is my 2-cents more. dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a great night. >> the democratic party in a panic, no one more desperate than the part leader, president obama telling state health insurance commissioner to afford the affordable care act, if they want to and told health insurance companies they can continue to sell plans that don't meet the law's standards, if they want to, it appears that president obama has politically set fire to the obamacare train wreck. i am lou dobbs. good evening president faced with rebellion within his pay the, and tryinparty, hesurpriseo announcement, first president told state insurance commissioners to use his enforcement discretion to permit the millions of americans who lost their health insurance, due to obamacare. even if they violate federal law, he said, go ahead. and he told insurance companies, to continue to offer those plans, but for just one year. long enough to get past the midterm elections, contrite president offered an admission, if you like your insurance you can keep it promise was a lie. >> i am not
"the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you right back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm ashley webster sitting in tonight for lou dobbs. secretary of state racing a deal over the weekend on the iranian nuclear program. it is a deal that has angered members of both parties and some of our closest allies in the middle east. the six month agreement calls for lighter sanctions on tape to allowing them to recoup nearly $7 billion in frozen assets while only pausing their uranium enrichment program without dismantling a single centrifuge. israel's prime minister been to manage and yahoo predictably calling that deal a historic mistake. saudi arabia has reportedly vowed to strike out on its own if peron comes closer to developing a nuclear weapon. republicans and democrats alike blasting the deal and threatening to put a harsh new sanctions on iran despite objections of the white house. that vote could come as early as chief western correspondent to is chosen at the white house with a report. >> defending the nuclear deal the u.s.
the nuclear deal the u.s. and its allies glanced over the weekend with ron. >> we cannot commit ourselves to an analyst -- endless cycle. tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it is not the right thing for our security. >> under terms finalize saturday in 7-nation talks in geneva and ron agreed to enrich uranium only to the 5% level lowered to dilute its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium which is easier to use for bomb and allow for daily inspections says nuclear plan, some off-limits until now. >> the three paths that iran has to a bomb, 20 percent enrichment , three and a half, and the plutonium reactor. although those are stopped and that tracks. >> an estimated 6 billion in sanctions will be listed on negotiators had a hammer out a permanent deal. in tehran they claim the right to enrich has been codified, something of the white house denied. >> we would have to m define what the nature of the iranian program is. we get to decide whether iran has the dismantle its facilities the iranians have no need fo rest uranium. maybe there will have a program
centrifuges and cease enrichment to 20% purity, a form iran using for a medical reactor, one expert believes that iran must declare all centrifuge manufacturing sites. >> during this interim period, they could continue making thousands of centrifuges, if the deal falls apart, then they could emerge and deploy them quickly. >> reporter: david albright also believes it is critical that iran addresses all unanswered questions about the nuclear web program, u.s. watch dog suspect its had on one point. a pihe hopes will not get lost,. lou: obama administration in full damage control mode. trying to avoid further political damage as a result of the disastrous launch of obamacare, president apologizing to morning who lost health care plans but no apologies for lying about it. cascade of dreadful news for the administration maintaining momentum as new documents reveal that was only able to handle 1100 users at a time according to test results a day before the launch, the shift in tactics and president's apology may now allow the president to abandon his search for a narrative that wou
snooping on reporters. mr. obama today wasted no time getting in front of thecameras trying to lose -- use this in a clear partisan vote to eliminate the filibuster from presidential nominations. and, of course cannot help distract the national media from some any more urgent and important matters. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> reporter: for nearly an hour after president obama had liberal pundits over for a long off the record session to help shore up his base after weeks of pounding over health care he came out pol pot for a tactical step that also rallies his partisan allies. lou: so, i support the steps that the majority of senators took to change the way that washington is doing business. running roughshod over republican attempts to block some of his nominees, including judicial picks they could hold sway over major regulory matters including how health care getsmplemented. >> the gears of government have to work. this stuff that the majority said mr. today i think will help make those years were just a little bit better. lou: the shift in focus
is left of it moving across the mid-atlantic. very cool air is moving in behind us. florida, and a cold one eventually all across the eastern seaboard by the morning hours. get ready for a temperature difference. temperatures into the 20s, getting down into the mid-20s all the way toward the blame on. cold temperatures, combined with a lot of the rain that fell on the roads. a lot of the roads will freeze quickly. a dangerous night tonight on some of the roads in tomorrow morning. temperatures starting to cool down towards new york city, warmer towards boston, the front moving through and by midnight, rain and precipitation is gone, but we will see the winds kicking in, we will see some lake effect snow continue and look at your temperatures for tomorrow all the way through the entire day, 20s through much of new england, barely getting to the freezing mark in new york. a cool day across the area. the rest of the country is not much warmer. down towards dallas, cold area here for your thanksgiving in tomorrow, most of the precipitation is gone and we just have to get through the next fe
you for joining us, dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a great night. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. lou: the polls have just closed in virginia, to hear some political pundits and savants hold for it, you might think that president obama was on the ballot, he is not, a contest between tea party republican ken cuccinelli, and establishment clinton democrat terry mcauliffe, we'll bring you the votes as they are counted and released. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, the votes are being tallied in virginia, all across the state, the pricincts are reporting as well, strong voter turn out in virginia. the attorney general there and republican gubernatorial candidate, ken cuccinelli has tried to capitalize on voter frustration with the president's obamacare train wreck. as his opponent terry mcauliffe tried to make the race about cuccinelli and his tea party conservative implement the polls have tightened since october 1 launch of obamacare, a race that looked to be a mcauliffe blowout a month ago, we'll bring you the highly anticipated results here momentarily, stay
's credibility is also on the line from a letter he read from a single mom. that he used to claim the new law is working. >> now, finally, we get to have coverage because of the aca for $160 per month. i was crying the other day when i signed up, so much stress l t lifted. >> reporter: except the mom said that the tax credit was reduced so the coverage is too expensive and the woman said that she's m embarrassed and disappointed. >> reporter: obviously those facts probably should have been established before he hailed it as a success story. lou? >> ed, thank you. >>> on capitol hill today, stunning new information about the obama care website, at a hearing, of the house energy and commerce committee and today's revelations not good news for the obama administration. health is still not completely built, 30 to 40% remains to be built, including a critical, crucial system for making payments to insurance companies. and it is now not expected to be built, until the beginning of the year. so says cms deputy chief henry chow, the administration claims that it didn't know or simply refus
they believed they would face this tax, it is going to cost all of us, that is it for tonight's willis report, thank you for joining us, have a great night. lou: we learn what president obama knew and when he knew it. president obama knew about the mckenzie and company report that raised questions about whether would work. and he knew it in march. i am lou dobbs. good evening, the president knew at least 6 months before the launch of the obama wear web site -- obamacare web site. it was aflicked with serious problem had not been properly tested. but that is not stop the president from claiming less than a week ago that he knew nothing about those problems. >> i was not informed correctly that the web site would not be working. as the way it was supposed to, had i been informed i would not go out saying this is going to be great. lou: press secretary jay carney today confirming this our own ed henry that president obama was briefed on the mackenzie respect findings in march of this year. carney's admission contradicts the president. and mr. own statement last we
is the law of the land, we will try to offer real solutions that you can use. and that his efforts might "willis report", thank you for joining us and have a great night, we wi >> that is so true. states could have an additional background check and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement. >> secretary kathleen sebelius also acknowledge that the early enrollment figures for obamacare which are scheduled to be released next week will be very low. fox news tonight reporting a relatively new provision in obamacare, opening up the medicaid program to even more. that according to a former medicaid director who is raising concerns about section 2202 of the affordable care act. he says that section expands hospital used of the honor system when caring for the uninsured who then claimed that they fall into certain medicaid categories. if it is later found that the patient does not qualify for public assistance, the state is then responsible and then bistate we mean taxpayers. today marks the anniversary of president obama's reelection. but the white house still has li
the contractors gave us the green light and said as recently as the end of september, not only there were talking to us but congress, we are ready to go. >> internal memo show there were serious reservations in july riding, i just need to feel more confident that there not going to crash the plane take off. the plane did crash, and thursday mr. obama's seemed to take responsibility for it. >> there have been times or i thought we were getting slapped around a little bit unjustly. this one is deserved. it is on us. >> several state insurance commissioners have rejected the president's real proposal and insurance industry group is warning that it could raise premiums, but some experts feel some insurance companies would grant the president's wish. >> there in the business to make money on policies command of the policies te selling they had to discontinue, if they were plausible i am betting that there will be issued them. >> even though he opposed the house bill, aides say the president is not opposed to a legislative fix. the two parties are so far apart on what is a fix and what is intended to u
with our report. >> we need help. >> if you can please help us, that would be great. reporter: she is one of the lucky few that got out of the typhoon in time. this woman nearly drowned before punching a hole through the ceiling, hanging onto children in her arms before the water went down. five days later, many of the dead surface. >> it's very bad. it's very bad. you have debris everywhere and you have decaying bodies everywhere. not a lot of food and water are available. reporter: supplies of medicine are on their way, but it's a waste of time for hungry and homeless hoping to get out. >> we've been here for so many days. we have nothing to eat, no clothes, others who got on the plane are able to get away. reporter: a red cross truck was hijacked carrying 25,000 meals. many are waiting until police can secure the roads. the. reporter: 40% of cell phone service is restored. but others were unprepared logistically, like the philippines, to handle aid and supplies. reporter: to make a donation, text the word a donation to the relief to unicef. #86-4233 to donate $10. your help will be mor
repeatedly looked us in the eye and testified that everything was on track. >> reporter: after a lot of finger pointing in recent weeks, republican marsha blackburn fr tennessee pressed on who was to blame and asked if it was any of the top medicare officials. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> well, excuse me, congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> reporter: more than four weeks after launch the website was taken offline again last night and remained out of commission all morning. >> the program has crashed and burned at least three times. and the user is still having problems. it's been down the whole time you've been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> reporter: fixing it by the end of november is the administration's goal with some expressing the concern about the ultimate price tag on what's been an expensive launch so far. >> we have spent about $118 million on the website itself and about $56 million has been expended on other i.t. to support the web.
that you can use. and that his efforts might "willis report", thank you for joining us and have a great night, we will see tomorrow. single micro- ♪ lou: some panic in a little frustration setting in for senate democrats who faae reelection next year. the failed rollout of obamacare is to blame. all but one of those democrats running for reelection at the white house today to make certain that president obama gets the message. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. obamacare is a failure to this point. the white house has repeatedly lied about how it would affect the american public in the president's own party is now in something of a panic. fifteen of the 16 senate democrats who are trying to keep their seats beyond 2014 at the white house today demanding improvement in the affordable care act and looking for answers as to why the president suddenly changed his if you like your health care, you can keep it claim after three very long years. senator mark begich of alaska expressed its deep displeasure with the president in no uncertain terms. >> i have made my voice pre
. >> be sure to join us for a "lou dobbs tonight" special report, we'll be live at 10:00 eastern tomorrow evening, final results, president obama tonight joining liberal proponents of health care speaking at a rally of supporters in his reelect campaign, and so-called working dinner with top donors of obama army, organizing for action, starting tomorrow president, desperate to change the subject again from the obamacare disaster, hits the road, trying to create a blinding pivot from the disaster to all sorts of what he hopes will be mood altering or consciousness numbing subjects with a call for immigration regarment, and a healthy scare -- reform, in health care speech in texas, and talking about the economy on friday. in case anyone thought we were falling for that pivot thing, issue is, and remains obamacare. and the administration's ina bum to manage it or seemingly much of anything else, the know-nothing administration claims ignorance on the technology problems. your doctor too. obamacare joining a long list of administration scandals that are far from phony, of which president clai
announcement, first president told state insurance commissioners to use his enforcement discretion to permit the millions of americans who lost their health insurance, due to obamacare. even if they violate federal law, he said, go ahead. and he told insurance companies, to continue to offer those plans, but for just one year. long enough to get past the midterm elections, contrite president offered an admission, if you like your insurance you can keep it promise was a lie. >> i am not a perfect man, i will not be a perfect president. but i will wake up every day working as hard as i can, be on half of americans out there from every walk of life that pledge i have not broken. right now, everyone is properly focused on us not doing a good job. it is on us. gerri: not. lou: not sitting well with democratic members of congress, mary landrieu continuing on push her keep your plan bill, one state insurance commissiony staying no to the president's new plan. fox news senior white house correspondent, wendell goaler with our report. >>> following pressure, president obama offered a fix he would wou
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